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Home Design: Farmhouse Sinks by Turner Hastings

Despite its traditional design, Farmhouse Sinks also known as Butler Sinks, are still incredibly popular in a market with an endless range of sink designs, materials and colours. Farmhouse sinks are a luxurious investment that provides more than just aesthetics. Turner Hastings, one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of farmhouse sinks, demonstrates just how practical, reliable, and durable Farmhouse Sinks can be.


Commercial Air Purification with Dyson

Air treatment and hygiene plays a vital role in living happy and healthy lives. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to have safe environments for all. Dyson’s new HEPA Cool Formaldehyde Air Purifier has been designed to meet commercial air purification needs. Whether you’re running a business, operating a restaurant, hotel complex or even classrooms, clear the air confidently with this advanced and stylish unit from Dyson.


Air Purification with Panasonic Nanoe™ X

Clear the air and breathe easy with Panasonic’s Nanoe™ X air purification technology. Nanoe™ X is an innovative technology that inhibits harmful pollutants and is typically included in Panasonic’s reverse cycle air conditioners; which offer both cooling and heating.


Dishwashing Perfection with AEG’s ComfortLift

Long gone are the days of awkwardly bending down to do the dishes. Enjoying perfectly clean dishes doesn’t have to come at a cost to your personal comfort when you load and unload your dishwasher. AEG’s range of ComfortLift dishwashers are the solution for an easier, carefree and comfortable washing experience.


Explained: Instantaneous Electric Hot Water Systems

Instantaneous Electric Hot Water Systems (HWS) are fast becoming the preferred choice in new homes due to their efficiency, cost-saving results, as well as their compact design when compared to traditional ‘hot water tank heaters’.